Montgomery County, ohio

community health assessment

Community Health Assessment

Montgomery County’s Community Health Assessment (CHA) provides comprehensive information on the community’s current and past health status, factors contributing to higher health risks and poorer health outcomes, disparities, needs in the community, and community resources available to improve health.

The new online format allows for a more interactive experience as data from different years and for different populations can be selected. This format will also allow Public Health to share more up-to-date information by updating dashboards as new data is released.

The CHA helps aid community partners, stakeholders, and residents in identifying priority health issues, developing goals, and selecting strategies to improve residents’ health. The data come from multiple sources including surveys and surveillance systems. Using multiple data sources allows for a comprehensive picture of the community.

The CHA will be instrumental in developing the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). This strategic plan will help guide health-related activities and will be created in consultation with community partners. It will also align with existing regional and state strategic plans.

How to use the Community Health Assessment (CHA) Dashboard:

Select a subcategory above to view a dashboard. While viewing a dashboard, you can return to this page by selecting the Public Health Logo at the top left of the page or navigate to another dashboard using the drop-down selection menus on the top right.

Each dashboard’s Introduction page describes the topic, highlights key data, and compares Montgomery County with Ohio and the United States. Healthy People 2030 Goals are also included when available.

  • To navigate between pages use the navigation at the top of each dashboard to select a topic.

Each dashboard includes a series of Data pages, organized by topic.

  • Hover over the Key Points icon on each page to view key findings related to data on that page.
  • Hover over the Public Health Importance icon on each page to learn more context about how the information on that page impacts public health.
  • Hover over the Key Terms icon on each page to view the definitions of key terms related to data on that page.

The Additional Information page on each dashboard includes data sources, notes on methodology and data limitations, and additional resources to learn more about the topic.

  • Click this icon to submit questions or comments about the dashboard.

Special Notes:

  • All data relates to Montgomery County unless otherwise specified.
  • To request additional data, please submit an electronic Data Request Form.

Key Terms

  • Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity – A person of Latin- American or Spanish descent
  • Race vs. Ethnicity – Race refers to a person’s physical characteristics (i.e., skin, hair, or eye color). Ethnicity refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language.
  • Percent – A ratio “out of 100.” Example: 75% means 75 per 100
  • Rate – Occurrence of a disease within a population in a given time period often expressed as a ratio. Example: 5.0 per 100,000 means 5 cases for every 100,000 people.
  • Age-Adjusted Rate – A rate of morbidity or mortality in a population that is statistically modified to eliminate the effect of age differences in a population.
  • Morbidity – A term used to refer to an illness or illnesses in a population.
  • Mortality – A term used to refer to death or deaths in a population. Healthy People 2030 – A framework of national health objectives used to track progress towards national goals of improved health and reduced health threats.